Advertising and Illustration Covers created for Outdoor Life, Western Story Magazine, The Popular Magazine, Adventure Magazine and a whimsical series of nineteen postcards.

Lon Megargee illustrated throughout his life in a variety of periodicals, catalogs and even postcards. The most visible were the pulp magazines dealing with the adventure and romance of the West.Western Story Magazine, Adventure, The Popular Magazine and Outdoor Life being his earliest known to date in 1910.

Lon Megargee’s most famous commercial illustration came when he produced advertising depicting cowboys for Stetson Hat Company. In the early 1920’s Stetson Hat Company commissioned numerous promotional images. “The Last Drop From His Stetson” became one of the world’s most iconic brands that has endured to this day and is in the hat lining  of every Stetson western hat.

Megargee’s postcards were another insight into his humor, from first hand experience as a wrangler, one time Wild West performer and evolution to artist. There were 18 images in a series he produced with additional whimsical works throughout his life. There is only one done for a city, Scottsdale, Arizona. It is the last one in the viewing.

 Megargee’s most successful illustration campaign began in 1948 with a series of posters advertising A-1 Beer for the Arizona Brewing Company. Four posters were published from 1948 until 1951.